What kind of society are we?

Posted on June 21, 2012 at 6:25 PM

   By Gary Konecky

There are days that I am truly amazed by what goes on. Today is one of them.

In the last month or so, three instances came to my attention that I think speak volumes about our society.  The first instance is recounted in What type of community are we?  The second isntance was recounted in What is a Gay Life Worth?

Following up on the later, I occasionally make comments  or post articles in a gay news forum.  One of them concerned the second item mentioned above.  In that instance, an unrepentant, gay basher did things that caused the death of his gay victim. Not only is the gay basher unrepentant, but he lies about it, obstructs justice, and destroys evidence. He is convicted of numerous criminal counts for his actions. His sentence, with the dead body on the deck in a clear case of gay bashing and anti-gay harassment, is 30 days in jail. He is then set loose on society after serving only 20 days.

Furthermore, despite the fact that hhis gay basher could be, as he well should, this hateful criminal, this convicted criminal, is allowed to remain in this country.  While this convicted criminal hate monger is allowed to rewmain in this coutry, same sex loving couples, married same sex loving couples, are subject to deporation because of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that does not recognize their marriages. 

Then we have the response of the gay community. While some members of the gay community were outraged; some members of the gay community, defended the not even a slap on the wrist sentence, One member of the community went so far as to publicly and repeatedly blame the victim's mother for her son's death. We are taught that there is no greater tragedy, then a parent burying a child. Yet, rather than offer comfort, this member of the gay community not only added to the grief of this family; but by condoning and vigorously defending the actions of the gay basher, he put all our lives at risk.

When I dared to publicly point out that this is the behavior of someone who is at best sick, I was publicly attacked by the news group moderator for saying that. The moderator then blocked me from sending him any messages. Apparently, both these individuals need lessons in our common humanity, or professional mental health services. 

Having now surarized these disgusting events, I am forced to ask:  "What kind of society are we?"

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