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Simpleton Ideas

Posted on January 27, 2013 at 1:35 PM

By Gary Konecky



Years ago, in response to a child being sexually molested, the politicians created Megan's Law. Megan’s Law was a simpleton solution to a complex problem. Rather than addressing the problem, which would be how best to treat and control those prone to prey sexually on children, they created a publicly accessible database of sexual offenders.



Many police departments in the United States still engage in bag-a fag operations. Usually, they find a good looking cop to wave his penis about and if you look at it, they arrest you. In New Jersey, the Palisades Park Police are notorious for having a male police officer flirt with men, suggest sexual relations, and suggest a location in the park. If you agree to his come on, you are arrested. You are then “tried” in municipal court (kangaroo court being a better term) and viola, you are now aconvicted sex offender.



The New York City Police (NYPD) are using a law (that was struck down by the courts years ago) to arrest gay men for alleged sexual crimes. Gay men are being arrested by the NYPD for violating a law that is not even on the books anymore.



While the aforementioned police operations are less common, they are part of a long legacy. Men convicted of frequenting gay bars in the 1950s and 1960s have magically been classified as sex offenders decades later, thanks to the simpleton solution of Megan's Law.



If you have to pee, and you duck behind a trash dumpster and relieve yourself, and no one sees you urinate, but they see you come out from behind the dumpster, that is a sex crime in some communities in the US. Needing to pee can make you a sex offender in the United States.



Now that we know how a simpleton law hurts people, let's look at the big to-do over gun control. There have been a series of shootings with significant loss of life in recent months. The simpleton solution is gun control.



It is important to note these shootings did not just happen. Long before these shootings, these people displayed signs of having mental health issues. Mental health issues oft times go untreated in the US. Of those that were treated, many times were put on the drugs pushed by the pharmaceutical industry, drugs that may actually aggravate the very conditions they are supposed to be helping.



Then there are those that the system just plain failed. The United States has a massive body count of children who were harassed and bullied and intimidated into suicide,mostly as a result of anti-gay harassment. Nobody stepped forward and protected these children.



Nor does it get better if you are an adult. I know because as an adult, I am the victim of such harassment.



I know what it is like when the police officer responding to the scene of a homophobic death threat tells you: “No crime had been committed.”



I know what it is like when the chief of the local police force sends out an email to his subordinates that ridicules you.



I know what it is like when the chief of police tells you that anti-Jewish hate speech is concern for your spiritual welfare.



I know what it is like when you actually have to fear the local police because your Jew hating,homophobic neighbor is politically connected and his friends on the police force do his dirty work for him.



I know what it is like when the local government refuses to reign in their police force, a small town police force that racked up three police brutality lawsuits in a mere seven months.



I know what it is like when you ask the county to protect you because the local police will not, only to have the county turn the matter over to the same local police department that you complained about.



This is why I understand that some people need guns. They need guns because there is no one who will help them. They need guns because there is no one to protect them.



I also understand why all those precious children are dead. They are dead because just as the adults who were and are responsible for my safety did nothing to help me, so those adults did nothing to help these children.



Just as Megan's Law was an ill-conceived idea, whose sole purpose was to make the politicians look like they were doing something when they were not, so gun control is an ill-conceived idea designed to make the politicians look like they are doing something when they are not. Just as Megan's Law has created a whole new class of victims, so will the ill-conceived gun control laws create a new class of victims.








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Reply [email protected]
2:47 PM on January 27, 2013 
I received a message that i am posting here, as it is so very on point:

"There was a case a few years ago where a company was applying for a federal contract. This process included background checks on the officers. The president came back as a sex offender. He had no idea. It turned out that he was involved in the Princeton U spring streak. His participation in this annual right got re-categorized as a sex crime. WTF?"