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The Problem With Bible Literalism

Posted on October 11, 2010 at 10:41 PM

By Gary Konecky

Here we have yet another example of the problem with bible literalism.  In this clip, a simple question is asked and the priest not only cannot answer it, but it is obvious that he has never even thought about it.  I am not picking on this man personally.  I am picking on his church, a church that preaches hatred of gays and lesbians and that spends millions of dollars on political campiagns against same sex civil marraige.  How can this church dare to presume to speak for G-d when it cannot even explain its own bible?  How can this church claim to speak on behalf of G-d when it cannot even answer a simple question?

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By the way, the answer to the question can be found in Rashi's commentary to Genesis 4:1, where Rashi analyzes the Hebrew and concludes that both Cain and Abel were born with twin sisters.  Rashi's commentary on the Hebrew bible is found in almost every chumash (Hebrew bible of the weekly Torah readings).  Rashi also cites Genesis Rabbah 22:2 and 22:3.  Genesis Rabbah is a midrash on the Hebrew bible that is roughly 2,000 years old.

By the way the priest is wrong in saying that Adam and Eve did not follow the will of G-d as there is evidence that after the sin of eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, they ultimately did repent.

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