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Who is the sinner?

Posted on April 4, 2011 at 10:50 PM

By Gary Konecky

A single man only was created in order to keep one man from saying to another: My forefather was greater than yours; to exclude pride of ancestry; to prevent families from quarrelling, and men from assaulting and robbing one another, by virtue of the knowledge that they are all of one stock. – Mishnah (Sanhedrin 4:5) as quoted on page 120 of The Talmudic Anthology, Tales & Teachings of the Rabbis, Edited by Louis I. Newman in collaboration with Samuel Spitz, Behrman House, Inc., copyright 1945



Today I had an encounter with a Jew who claims that the Bible condemns homosexuality as a sin despite the fact that nowhere in the bible does it say; “thou shall not be a homosexual.”  Having mischaracterized the bible’s position on homosexuality (the Talmud makes clear that the ban in Leviticus refers only to male-male anal intercourse) he then went on defend a church’s right to be hateful, homophobic bigots who also encourage others to be hateful, homophobic bigots.


Nor did he stop at this church’s right to preach hate, hate that costs lives.  He then went on to equate the lives of all homosexuals to sodomy, as if gay people have no jobs, have no loved ones, have no homes, have no families; but spend every waking moment engaged in male-male anal intercourse. He completely overlooked what sex acts lesbians do, but still managed to say the bible condemns them.  By the way, the bible makes no reference to lesbians.


When I called this bigot out on his hate, he obfuscated,tap-danced, rationalized, and made every excuse in the book, including “some of my friends are gay,” as to why he is not a homophobe. 


His words were cruel and hateful.  Furthermore, Jews are taught that every year the Temple is not rebuilt, it is as if the current generation of Jews is responsible for its destruction.  Jews are taught that baseless hatred is the reason the Temple was destroyed and the reason Jews are still in exile.


Additionally, the Talmud (Shabbat 31a) teaches that one of the questions that Jews will be asked when they die will be:  Did you set aside regular times for Torah study?  The obvious answer in this bigot’s case, based on his gross mischaracterization of scripture will be a resounding “NO!”


And so I present you yet another case of a homophobic bigot who is a bigger sinner than any gay person I know.  Something to think about when you are confronted by one of these “love the sinner, hate the sin” phonies and their hateful bigotry.


Having now established the bigot’s credentials, we must ask; did he also cause others to sin?   Sadly the answer is yes. 


A Jew who was raised Roman Catholic (as in all Jews must be converted and that homosexuals are all going to hell) jumped into the fray.  Now before you jump to any conclusions, let me tell you are in for a surprise.  Realizing the evil of the teachings of that church, she left that church and its bigotry behind.  She jumped into the fray to condemn the bigot’s hateful statements.


Also jumping into the fray was a Christian.  He quoted Paul in his defense of gays and lesbians.  At this point you might be thinking, this is going well, and now comes another surprise. 


At this point, the discussion was clearly centered on the two passages from Leviticus (in the Hebrew bible) that are always and erroneously cited by homophobic bigots as condemning all homosexuality. Therefore, the Jew who was raised Roman Catholic started up with the Christian who quoted Paul.  She was clearly put out, as she felt that quoting Paul smacked of replacement theology (the Christian churches theological basis for two thousand years of preaching hatred of the Jews). 

It was at this point that others also jumped into the fray.


As a result of this bigot’s remarks, we now have several people embroiled in disagreements. Instead of bringing peace to the world, this bigot caused dissension in the name of G-d.  Therefore, my conclusion is that not only did the bigot sin, but he caused others to sin.  Because this bigot was too lazy to study scripture, he misquoted scripture and used it as a weapon of homophobic hate and baseless hate, hate that ultimately caused others to sin.

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