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What type of community are we?

Posted on May 18, 2012 at 3:35 PM

By Gary Konecky


I travel in unusually broad circles, both religiously and sexually.  Among my travels, I encounter members of various sexual minority communities.  People in these communities are usually the victim of discrimination and bigotry by our society.  As a result, members of some of these communities profess mutual respect for the other members of their community. They tell how all are honored and respected.


Yet that is often not the case.  I know of a prominent leader in one community who has made it a point to say that gay men in that same community are not welcome.  She made that hateful remark the same week of the vote to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples in North Carolina, and the same week that a 17 year old was bullied to death in Minnesota. 


There is a teaching that we get the leaders we deserve.  And therefore, I have to ask, what kind of community are we? Do we have the leaders that inspire the best in us, or do we have the leaders we deserve because we do not behave as we should?

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