G-d loves you

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When I see a rainbow

The flag flying

From the lamp-post

Fluttering in the Pacific breeze


I know that G-d

Made a covenant

Between us.


If we lived our lives

In black and white

We would never see

That promise that G-d made.


To see all those colors together

It reminds me

That G-d is there

For you and me.


Note:  Jewish teaching holds that a rainbow is the sign of the covenant G-d made with Noah to never destroy  the world by flood ever again.

RAINBOW is on page 87 of Siddur Sha'ar Zahav.  Congregation Sha'ar Zahav, recently published a beautiful Jewish prayer book.  Of all the prayer books I have seen, this is the one that speaks to my heart, and from my heart to G-d.  Never have I seen prayers such as these, prayers that speak to my soul, my life, my very being, and my existence as a gay man.